Celebrating Mothers Day with Eco Fashion

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and many of us are looking for the perfect way to celebrate the special women in our lives. While flowers and chocolates are always a classic choice, why not consider a gift that not only honours our mothers but also empowers women and supports sustainable fashion?

Eco fashion has been gaining popularity in recent years as more people become aware of the impact that fast fashion has on the environment. By choosing ethically produced and sustainably sourced clothing, we can help reduce the carbon footprint of the fashion industry and support responsible business practices.

But eco fashion is about more than just the environment. It's also about empowering women and creating a more equitable and just world. By supporting brands that prioritise fair labour practices and women's empowerment, we can make a real difference in the lives of women around the world.

This Mother's Day, consider giving the gift of eco fashion to the special women in your life. Look for brands that prioritize transparency and sustainability, and that empower women through fair labour practices and community partnerships.

Great option includes EcoTwenty, a brand that offers sustainable materials and practices and partners with women-owned factories/brands. O my bag products are made by women in India and with work opportunities provided it makes a positive difference to their lives and their families. Empowering them in their local communities and to be able to provide and support their skills. 

By choosing eco fashion, we can not only honour our mothers but also make a positive impact on the world. Let's celebrate Mother's Day and support women's empowerment and sustainability at the same time.

Eco Twenty sustainable apple leather cross body bag. GiftEco Twenty sustainable eco fashion leather bags mothers day gifts

 Eco Twenty sustainable apple leather cross body bag gift

We've got you covered. Get ready for summer with our floaty and on-trend eco friendly dresses. Whether you're putting them on your mum gifting for Mothers Day, or rocking them yourself, these dresses are perfect for wearing any occasion, indoors or out.

Eco Twenty eco dresses Lenzing EcoVero summer maxi dress

Eco Twenty eco dresses Lenzing EcoVero summer maxi dress

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Eco Twenty eco dresses organic linen summer maxi dress